Itay Peleg


9 March 2019 | 16h-20h


CRU Cowork




“When I decided to face the world with my eyes and my heart open, strange and surreal situations of the mundane were returned to me.

Black Box constitutes a body of visual work, through which Itay Peleg intends to challenge the one who looks, through the medium of photography, to keep his eyes wide open to the puzzles hidden from day to day. Capturing marginal details, reflections, mirrored silhouettes, between light and shadow, seeks to perceive in the surrounding space signs of the unusual, beyond the common.

A black box can be defined as part of a complex system that produces a discernied output according to the input received, but whose internal mechanism or program is a mystery to the user. Nowadays, people often use black boxes without repairing and, at the same time, become black boxes themselves when their decisions, especially as consumers (of images), appear to be encrypted in society.

«Black Box is about expanding people’s vision to the limitless options our everyday life can offer, just for the attention. How can you know what you’re capable of if you don’t dive into the unknown? “

Saturday, March 9th, between 16h and 20h, CRU will be open doors to receive customers, friends and other visitors, receiving them with a smile, a glass of Vinha d’avó and sweets of the confectionery Nandinha.

This is an initiative of CRU Cowork through the Thinking Spoon Association
With the curatorship of Rossana Mendes Fonseca.




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