Fátima São Simão e Diogo Morais Oliveira

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19 Março 2019 | 18h


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Have you ever created something and wanted others to know that you did not care if they used and shared your work? Are you looking for free online content that you can use legally? CC licenses respond to these issues in a legal and practical way. In this session we will talk about what are the copyright licenses and public domain tools developed by Creative Commons in what form and what care you must have before licensing or use licensed materials with CC and we will discuss business models that use CC licenses.




Diogo Morais Oliveira: Graduated in Law at the Universidade Nova, and was admitted in 2009 to the European Master’s Program in Human Rights and Democracy, where he devoted himself to the study of cultural rights, having defended the thesis “Education as an intervention strategy to empower children “. He was a CEDIS / FDUNL fellow in the United Nations International Law Commission and the Portuguese Legislation Observatory and member of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People of Esposende (2014-2018). He is a lawyer, legal advisor to DÍNAMO10 in matters of intellectual property and a member of Creative Commons Portugal. He has developed educational projects linked to social activism in defense of human rights. He is currently the coordinator of the “CC Local Point”, a physical point of contact in DAMAMO 10 directed to the community, which aims to guarantee a solid and practical access to the use of creative commons licenses.


directora de desenvolvimento do UPTEC

Fátima São Simão (Porto, 1981) is director of development at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto. In addition, she was executive coordinator of futureplaces.org – medialab for UTAustin-Portugal Colab program citizenship and has been a member of Creative Commons Portugal since 2013, having been responsible for coordinating the Creative Commons Toolkit for Business and Copywrong (performance) projects. He completed his degree in Economics (Faculdade de Economia do Porto) and a Master’s degree in Management and Cultural Policy (City University of London). As a student, she was president of the Teatro Universitário do Porto (TUP) and collaborated as an actress in several theater and film productions. Since then, it has supported artists and creatives in structuring and developing their projects. At the moment, he finishes his doctorate in the Faculty of Fine Arts of UP, where he investigates the copyright as a political and strategic instrument for the creation of economic and cultural value.


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