Catarina Carneiro de Sousa signs the virtual photography which CapCat Ragu embodies in these collaborative virtual environments, as Second Life. For a while, her avatar changes, transforms itself, differs, acquiring several appearances; meets other avatars whose expressive potentialities inspire the thought of this other body, this virtual body.

«For a long time my life in Metaverse was nothing less than to playing dolls again, as when I was a child. But this time I was the doll myself! My doll was for dressing and undressing, hairstyling, but it was also my way of communicating with others. It did not take long for her to create her own personality, a projection of mine, but not exactly the same…»

«The big revolution in the way I see my avatar happened when I met alpha. tribe avatars, which inspired me to totally rethink the way I embody my avatar. It was somehow, at this point, that my avatar was dehumanized, without completely abandoning the metaphor of the human.»

She proposes, here, two distinct ways of thinking this avatar: the virtualization of herself — «the avatar represents me, it takes my place in the virtual environment» — and as a virtual expressive potency — «that extends beyond myself creating a hybrid between who I am and who I become, not outside of me, but beyond me.»

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