Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadallah invites us to be immersed in the majestic landscapes of the Arab World. The five linen scarves imprinted with the photographs of these landscapes constitute an exquisite material for the different shapes and colors and textures to be perceived. The multi-exposed images express the need to grasp time itself, past and future, within the present of the memory of one territory and of one people, as well as its ever-changing horizon.

«The moving landscapes represent the dynamic changes that have been occurring on the ground in the Middle East physically and culturally for decades and that will continue to occur. A longing for home—even if you’ve never lived there—or the longing to maintain a connection to a place that I may never experience in the way that my family did, is something I contemplate often.»

«These works are a reflection on the meaning of home, what we remember of it and what changes culturally and physically as historical, social and political movements shape its future. Through my photographs, I remember that this feeling is experienced collectively across the Arab world. A photograph can capture a place you once knew, and that may not exist in the future.»

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