Ana Lúcia Pinto and Rita Bastos present the beginning of a photographic project which evolves through two gestures and two spaces in photography which are very distinct from each other. One approaches the proximity of almost touching a body and its gestuality, the other attempts to encompass the environment.

«In these photographic images, we capture the performances and the places of the artisanship, summoning their processes, vocabularies and reflections, (re)presenting spaces and actions through this visual dialog between these two ways of looking».

«In this project, two artistic approaches are articulated on subject of the Portuguese artisanship. The artisanship in its own quotidian practice, the materials for the artefacts and the processes are part of the very body from which the register [starts] to happen. Through photography as a (poetic) substance and a vehicle of memories, the initial and common process takes place capturing, simultaneously in space and in time, the activities of the artisans in their places of action/work».

Both the artists state that this project, from which this series come from, is a non-documental one; affirming, at the same time, a double way of seeing which becomes denser, not by a process of embellishment of what artisanship is, but through the encounter of two ways of seeing looking bare, one facing an other.

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