If dreams are the most enigmatic of the encounters we have, April Wiser plays any photographers’ instruments beautifully by double-exposing each single image to express the imagery of each character involved.

«Echoes manifests the duality we all have within us, and the way we perform these plays of consciousness in our unconscious minds.»

«Echoes reveals the universe that exists in our sleeping minds, in dreams. We’ve all experienced the waking dreams which leave us profoundly disturbed, as well as the mundane, the bizarre, the illogical, the mystical, the nonsensical, the traumatic, the hilarious and above all, the dreams where we are the onlooker and the actor simultaneously. The project is centered around this particular aspect: being the participant and observer jointly. When we are the participant, we are consumed with emotion and the people around us, and the feeling is natural. When we are the observer, we analyze the situation from afar: with vigilance, reflection and often times reservation.»

We encounter ourselves here, between dream and memory; concomitant, convulsive ones, which project ourselves into the past and the future, eternally in the present, in an only Time, in which we are.

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