«Considering the concept of 3rd skin, we sought to develop a study in which the binary Fashion-Art system was fundamental according to the questions that concerned the costume and the tridimensional artistic object.»

«This miscegenation is the very reflex of the contemporary society, breaking through the existing boundaries and taking us to new worlds and new spheres of creation.»

Through a scenic approach to the pieces — wearable sculptures — and the idea of artistic interface, Marita Moreno seeks to think the possibility of artistic creation through any kind of media, material, language or concept.

«The inherent subjectivity to each artist, the multiplicity of experiences lived by them, and thus, the concepts originated in the articulation of these elements, present several possibilities of approaching the experimentation of several mechanisms, volumes and hybrid spatial and sensorial experiences.»

We face a form of contemporary creation which can be reveal itself as eccentric in relation to the dichotomization of the images of commerce and art, as well as to the reduction of fashion to utility or appearance, fostering the possibility of ways of appearing and living by the body, which suggest intrinsically one other skin.

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