Spotted working mainly in menswear branding and design, Mark Scholes’ keen eye for street photography has been a revelation. Finding inspiration for his collections from his travels and people, his photography is a documentation of everyday situations with a hint of humor.

«With Porto being the new tourist hotspot, and gentrification ever encroaching, the older generation is the last bastion of old Porto. The actions of everyday life, sitting on benches, eating sardines, drinking espresso in the old antiquated cafes, the everyday fishermen. These images in someway hope to capture the real Porto before it changes beyond recognition. Another reason I was attracted to the style and elegance of the older Porto residents is their classic approach to dressing with a subconscious sartorial know-how».

Extensively travelling throughout Sri Lanka and India, Mark’s photography consisted mostly of portraits. However, it was when he arrived in Porto mid 2017 that he started to pay more attention to street life: «being non-fluent in Portuguese, the barrier of limited communication has meant that a more clandestine and covert approach to capturing people has been adapted».

Language Barrier is a photography series in which we can see depicted the street life of an older generation in Porto.

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