«YESTERDAY is a moment of pause and contemplation of the work that has been developed until now.»

«Made during the last 6 years, these sculptures reflect the path of the artist and the development of her creative work as well as the political and social concerns that move her.»

Ana Almeida Pinto offers to our sight and touch, through the medium of sculpture, a path, within the structural forms and plastic means of the modulated matter, which seeks the realization on the physicality of that very matter of concepts which are intrinsically human.

Taking the idea of one Narrative, of one History, which is ministered to us, which is given in its factualness, a «history of the winners», we can find on the artist’s work expressive comments on the erasure of a collective memory as well as on the obliteration of the social minorities. We can also think plastically an idea of resistance which, physically translates a process of metamorphosis, a material expansion, from the inside to the outside, of a body, as a force of impulsion which emerges within a life.

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