Sónia Borges presents drawings that reflect stories, thoughts and memories that jump from the pages of the notebook that accompanies her on her way. This more immediate record shows us a gesture in counterpoint with the illustrations worked on more detailed compositions in a different time, always in the trace of the line drawn by the pen Pilot 0.4.

“There are still many stories to illustrate and projects to realize, believing that the book as an object, illustration and writing, is essential for children and adults to enhance creativity, imagination, knowledge, critical thinking, horizons, and never stop dreaming.”

Starting in Mirandela in 1981, Sonia Borges’ path passed through the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto where she graduated in Painting, a city where she continues to walk the trails in her role as freelance illustrator and artist-educator at the Serralves Museum, where she also illustrates and designs the activity sheets for families on the museum’s exhibitions. She has several books published, such as O Riscas and A Menina Triste, whose text and illustration are hers, and Vermelho de dar Dó, a CD-book from Brazil with text and music by Cristiano Gouveia. She develops other illustration projects, such as Where is Mister M ?, a doll that travels the world, hand in hand, sharing photographs of his journey and collecting stories, places and people.

Pervaded by the need to draw as a form of resistance, and resilience in the role of drawn storyteller, TEIMOSIA DE TENTAR also presents the artist’s book Gosto De Ti, and a set of objects, illustrations and books by the artist.

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