Mindfulness WORKS – a peer to peer experience between CRU and BIZkoshnica Coworking

For the last two weeks, we had the opportunity to develop a peer2peer exchange with BIZkoshnica Coworking, one of our partners of European Creative Hubs Network. They are a creative hub located in Zagreb, Croatia.

The objective of these exchanges are to share knowledge, good practices and to build new complicities and alliances between creative hubs in Europe.

Through this program we got the chance of meeting Mirela Marovic, the founder and director of BIZkoshnica and her coworker Sasha, an educator and psychotherapist that conducts workshops of personal and professional development based on NLP, coaching, mindfulness and gestalt psychotherapy methods.

From CRU’s side, Tânia Santos, the founder and director of CRU, and Benedetta Grasso, a community manager assistant enrolled in this virtual experience.

Although we planned in January 2020 to be a physical exchange, of 5 days in Porto, due to Covid-19 restrictions we had to adapt and make it online. This made us very frustrated but soon enough we understood that this online format could indeed be very interesting and fruitful for both members involved.

Between November 18th and December 10th 2020, we met online 5 times and spent more than 12 hours together exploring similarities and differences between the hubs, managing options, community building particularities, work and life balance issues and, maily, focused on the psychological health of our communities – an independent workforce that is being dramatically hitted by covid crisis.

Apart from initial presentations of both hubs (and even virtual tours of the physical spaces!), we dedicated some hours to the topic of the Covid adaptation, business model changes, and community management.

We organised a two-sessions event – Mindfulness WORKS – an intimate and participative workshop where we enrolled and engaged both communities in a self-knowledgment and self-development experience.

Finally, we reserved some time to talk about previous and present projects and plans and to find new collaboration opportunities, namely in the scope of Erasmus Plus program.

It was really a great pleasure to meet such wonderful people and impressive professionals from Zagreb, a city in which CRU didn’t have any previous contact points/hubs. 

For the future we plan to keep close contact, to establish a mobility agreement between members from both hubs that allow them to work from each other hubs whenever in each other cities and to apply together as partners in future calls and opportunities.


Thank you European Creative Hubs Network, Creative Flip and Goethe Institute for making this learning process possible!


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